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Abelha at Braziliality’s 3rd Birthday Party at Hackney Wicked

milo tchais, stik and Prozack giant floor mural at formans

The dust has settled on an epic weekend of art, sunshine, inanity and lots of caipirinhas down in Abelha’s home turf, Hackney Wick. Highlights of the Braziliality’s party included a giant floor piece by Abelha friend Milo Tchais, alongside the prolific Stik and Prozak (BR), as well as some incredible pieces in the exhibition at Formans (which is on until the end of August).

Featured here on Epoca Sao Paolo or there are loads of pictures on Formans site here

Dead Insect (Anthony Goh) close up


New Abelha Gold Label Artwork by Milo Tchais

So the artwork for the new gold bottle has also been updated to bring it in line with the new silver packaging. Done by Milo Tchais, friend of Abelha who also did the now legendary Abelha van. Click on the pictures to view the hi-res images.

New Abelha Gold label

We’re super excited about this, and we look forward to commissioning a load more art in the future.

all 3


New label artwork for Abelha Silver, same tasty cachaça


Exciting times for us, launching new labels for Abelha Silver in 2 versions, one featuring the traditional art from our friend Holly Wales, and also the new scraperboard illustration by Jonathan Chadwick.

As a brand, we are committed to art, and our eventual plan is to have a series of artworks celebrating different illustrators, artists and styles as much as possible. The constant features are the colours (the teal background), the logotype, and the bees. And of course, the cachaça remains exactly the same winning formula.

Check out more of Jonathan’s work here, and you can even see the process by which we got to labels on his blog at Artistic Type.


Our new van, featuring artwork by Milo Tchais (Sao Paulo)

Our friend Milo just finished the art on our new van. He’s done an incredible mural featuring sugar cane, bees (in case you missed it, Abelha means ‘bee’ in Portuguese), a wave on the right hand side for when we go surfing, and he even squeezed in our Management Accountant, Pedro Souza dos Santos, on the back. Honk if you see us around!

Ollie, Director of Gnarliness

Abelha Van Rear

Abelha Cachaca Van LHS

Dog in Van


Braziliality’s 1st Birthday Party

Braziliality, curated by the lovely Alicia Bastos, is an ongoing monthly art exhibition at the 16mm Cafe in Soho, which showcases work from Brazilian artists, or work inspired by Brazil.

We were happy to sponsor their first Birthday party, as it featured work from Eduardo Zappia who joined up with the volunteer firefighters in Chapada Diamantina (where Abelha Cachaça is created), to combat the massive bushfires there last year.

Alicia, Founder of Braziliality (Centre)

Artist, Eduardo Zappia

Anthony tells a little about Abelha Cachaca

Ant and Hal of Abelha Cachaca

All images from Braziliality


Our Bottle Labels

Abelha Cachaca bottle labels

People either love or hate the labels – they’re illustrated by hand and designed to be a bit rustic and crafty rather than in-your-face Brasilian. Art and illustration is by Holly Wales and Anthony Sheret.

Holly Wales

Holly is an up and coming artist/illustrator who lives between London and Berlin, and her work has featured in the New York Times and the Telegraph Magazine. We used to work together, and the piece she did that stuck in my mind the most was the tape duck. We love handmade stuff like this. See more of Holly’s work on her blog.

Tape Duck by Holly Wales